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Talks and Quiet Days

Over the past fifteen years, I have given countless talks and led quiet days on a range of subjects relating to art and theology, iconography and the spiritual life. As I allow my ordained ministry to be reshaped with creativity at its heart, I would love the opportunity to share with you and your small group or community my passion for the Divine and the creativity that is so closely interwoven with our journey of faith as created beings.

Whether you are looking for someone to give a short talk, lead a quiet day or retreat, or be a part of a teaching series, I would be pleased to shape my input to your event through careful discussion and listening to your needs. My fee will depend on the length of time that I am needed and the nature of the event. For example, an evening talk would be in the region £100 to £150*, with a whole day being £250 to £400*.  A retreat over several days would be by agreement, depending on what was required. Mileage (or train fares) for return travel from my home in Wiltshire will be added.


That said, I would not want cost to be a barrier for a community that could be blessed by what I offer but which is not able to pay the full amount. If that is your situation, please do get in touch to have a conversation about what might be possible.

* prices apply to UK mainland only. For elsewhere, please get in touch.

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"Catherine offers acceptance and integrity through her powerful and gentle teaching and leading on the subject of God's heart for His people through icon painting."

Revd Jane

"Thank you for your gentle and prayerful leading. You created a holy space in which your words brought the company of saints very close."

Attendee of quiet day

"I loved the way Catherine brought the experience of the lives of the saints into the present day experience."

Examples of previous events

  • Our Christian life through the lens of the icon painting process (a Quiet day at Launde Abbey)

  • Looking afresh at Pentecost through art (a Quiet day at Launde Abbey)

  • Interpreting the icons of Passiontide (a Quiet day at Launde Abbey)

  • An introduction to praying with icons (a talk given at various churches)

  • Desert spirituality - a living tradition (a Teaching day at St Mary the Virgin, Wellingborough)

  • St Antony and the wisdom of the desert (a Quiet day at Launde Abbey)

  • Faith and iconography (a talk for the Parish of Mortlake with East Sheen)

  • Seeing the world differently - the Light of Christ (a practical photography day with reflections, as part of leading a retreat to Iona)

  • Luke gives us paintings - a visual exploration of Acts 2 (a lecture at Sarum College)

  • Praying with all the saints - a quiet day for All Saints' Day at Launde Abbey


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's have a conversation...


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